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They lie in wait, looking for the perfect opportunity to launch one of their terrorist attacks. An eerie cult, known only as The Organization, hopes to fulfill its objective of helping all of us live more perfect lives in an imperfect world.

However, now and then, an innocent bystander interferes with their plans.

That is when world-renowned architect Dalton Lee and his colleagues are brought in to both solve the murder and stop whatever hideous plot is about to unfold. Few people realize the true bond that has all of these architects operating clandestinely as detectives.

Murder Becomes Miami and Murder Becomes Manhattan by Jeffrey EatonThe Dalton Lee mystery series takes readers on a whirlwind ride through some of the world’s most fascinating cities as the detectives rush to piece together random clues that lead to the identity of the terrorist in hiding. Along the way, readers also learn fascinating details about the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the Art Deco hotels of Miami Beach and other architectural icons.

“Jeffrey Eaton is a mystery reader’s dream, a great writer with the additional ability to keep you ensnared in a well-developed but rapidly changing plot, rich characters and twisting storyline.”

— Amazon reviewer

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