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Jeffrey Eaton was born to parents who met in Los Angeles, where his father was dancing in the 1940 movie musical, "Too Many Girls". During the filming, his father cavorted on the set with the soon-to-be-discovered actor Van Johnson, and his mother chatted off the set with the soon-to-become famous Lucille Ball.

Eaton was raised in Kansas. In first grade he and an artistic classmate wrote a letter to Dr. Seuss offering to help the renowned author create his next book, a book Eaton had already given the title, "There's A Moose on the Loose on the Chickanoose Trail." The author wrote the ambitious boys a kind rejection letter that encouraged them to keep reading and writing books.

And that Jeffrey Eaton did. His favorite books as a child included The Hardy Boys Series, Agatha Christie novels and "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle, whom Eaton unexpectedly met once in New York when he was spontaneously asked to a dinner party by acquaintances.  Growing up, he was a huge fan of the William Allen White Children's Book Award program in Kansas and he even urged librarians to let kids read during the summer months the books named to the award list for the coming year, something not allowed when he was in elementary school.

Eaton was graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a degree in journalism. He instantly put it to use, becoming editor of the university's alumni magazine at age 23 and editor of the employee publications produced by an international oil company at age 25.

He formed his own free-lance writing business at age 27 and by the age of 30, had been to 45 countries on five continents. Among his most memorable assignments were interviews with a prime minister, a world-renowned heart surgeon, and the CEO of one of South America's state-owned oil companies.

Now Eaton has returned to his first passion – writing novels. The "Murder Becomes" series unites his love for intrigue with his passion for travel with his excitement for crafting word puzzles, several of which have been published in some of the world's premier newspapers and magazines. He hopes you enjoy reading these tales as much as he delights in creating them!
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