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The Murder Scenes
Two people are murdered in the book, Murder Becomes Manhattan.

One is Caitlyn Drysdale, a prominent socialite raised in California but living in Manhattan at the time of her demise. Someone within her circle was secretly a member of The Organization, a global cult determined to undermine democracies and capitalist economies worldwide.

Why they wanted Caitlyn out of the way, and who within her circle was the killer, are the questions Dalton Lee and his colleagues strive to answer in the book.

A second person also perishes, but revealing that person's identity to you now would constitute an extreme spoiler.

But we can show you where each person was murdered. As you can see, The Organization takes its opportunities to kill when it can and isn't terribly discreet in where it carries out its murders.

Murder Scene of Victim One – Caitlyn Drysdale

Murder Scene of Victim One – Caitlyn Drysdale

On the night when Dalton Lee and his business associates are celebrating the unveiling of their design for One Harriman Tower in Manhattan, Caitlyn Drysdale is found strangled to death in this janitor's closet at the opposite end of the Hotel Nederland.

Murder Scene of Victim Two -- ????

Murder Scene of Victim Two -- ????

Soon after Caitlyn Drysdale is murdered, a second person perishes at the hands of The Organization. Here is where that person's dismembered body is found, complicating The Lee Group's investigation even further.

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