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Recipe for Dalton's Perfect
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Dalton Lee has a thing for grilled cheese sandwiches. But not just any grilled cheese sandwich.

Over time, he has become a connoisseur of the grilled cheese sandwich. He has studied closely which types of bread and cheese – and which preparation methods – result in a grilled cheese sandwich he will savor.

The recipe below will help you craft the perfect grilled cheese sandwich – for Dalton Lee as well as your family.

1   Step One
Melt 2/3 of a tablespoon of unsalted butter in a large, non-stick pan over medium heat. Be sure you don't allow the butter to brown.

2   Step Two
Take 2 slices of fluffy, day-old shokupan bread from Japan (if that is not available, then day-old sourdough bread is a decent substitute). Place in the pan and cook until the bottoms are golden (2 minutes or so).

3   Step Three
Transfer bread slices to a cutting board, cooked sides facing up. Place 2 slices of American cheese on one slice, then close the sandwich so both cooked sides are facing inward toward each other.

4   Step Four
Melt another 2/3 of a tablespoon of butter in the pan on low to medium low heat. Add the sandwich and cook for about 5 minutes, moving it periodically with a spatula. Remove sandwich from the pan when golden brown.

5   Step Five
Add another 2/3 of a tablespoon to the pan and return the sandwich to the pan, toasted side up. Season lightly with kosher salt. Cook sandwich another 5 minutes until the second side is also golden brown and the cheese has thoroughly melted.

Enjoy immediately!!

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