Murder Becomes Manhattan

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Meet The Suspects
In Murder Becomes Manhattan, someone murders Caitlyn Drysdale, a prominent socialite who was raised in California but living in New York at the time of her killing. A cryptic note left on her body indicates someone associated with a global cult dedicated to bringing down democracies and capitalist economies worldwide.

The modus operandi of the cult, known merely as The Organization, is to burrow someone into the targeted victim's life so their plan is less foreseen. But that is not always how they carry out their murders.

Who within Caitlyn Drysdale's circle committed the murder ... and may be ready to strike again? Here are brief profiles of the primary suspects the authorities and The Lee Group happen upon:
Thad Henrikksen Carolina Campobello
Toni Spencer Father Aiden Molloy
Nick Welchel Homeless Person

Other Characters
Here is a list of all other characters encountered in Murder Becomes Manhattan. The killer could possibly be somewhere on this list, on the list above ... or possibly neither??

Agent Brodzik – A federal agent assisting with the murder investigation
Agent in a too-tight jacket – Announces to the team a murder has taken place
Agent O'Hara – A federal agent assisting with the murder investigation
Agent Rosenberg – A federal agent whose conduct is less than aboveboard
Alexander Berryman – The doorman at the apartment building of a murder victim
Allan – A male friend of a victim who offers testimony at the memorial for a victim
Circus clown – Delivers a threatening note to Dalton Lee on the streets of Manhattan
Corbin Drysdale – Former California senate candidate and the father of a victim
Deanna – A perennially cheery desk clerk at the hotel in which the murder took place
Dr. Sullivan – A therapist someone within The Lee Group goes to for help
Esteban – An assistant to Rev. Aiden Molloy
Frank – A hotel maintenance manager who answers Dalton Lee's questions about the hotel
German tourists – A young woman and man cycling in the area of a sniper attack
Griff Drysdale – The brother of one of the victims
Guests staying in the Hague Suite – Two women staying on the same floor as where a murder occurs
Hannah Weiss – A federal agent assisting with the murder investigation
Hardware store clerk – Helps Dalton Lee get information about an unusual doorknob
Hardware store supervisor – Helps Dalton Lee get information about an unusual doorknob
Hotel desk clerk female – Young woman escorted out of the hotel without explanation
Hotel desk clerk male – Older male who answers some of Dalton Lee's questions about the hotel
Jose Portero – A man who approaches Dalton Lee at the airport for an autograph
Krista McGowan – A mysterious female whom Toni Spencer is overheard talking to on the phone
Kristine Ryan – The incumbent mayor of New York
Lizbeth – A college friend of a victim who offers comments about her at a memorial service
Man in a navy suit – Writer who worked alongside a victim and offers comments at her memorial
Military official – Guard who oversees the return of a hostage from captivity
Miriam Carlyle – Attendee of a reception for Dalton Lee's new project and a family friend
Mrs. Levy – Resident of the apartment building in which one of the victims lives
Mysterious confidant – Individual who arranges rendezvouses with Dalton to pass on information
Neighbor of a victim – 50ish woman who offers kind comments at a memorial for the victim
Police Officer One – Ushers everyone back into the ballroom upon the discovery of a murder victim
Police Officer Two – Answers questions asked by Dalton Lee shortly after a victim is found
Police Chief Moroney – Sends Dalton Lee a message notifying him of the gravity of a murder
Porn store clerk – Admits Dalton Lee to the shop and encourages him to buy leather wrist cuffs
Rashanda – Clerk inside a drugstore where Bree tries to buy cold medicine
Rebecca – One of the victim's close college friends who answers questions posed by Dalton Lee
Security Technician Number One – Guard lured away from the Tribeca loft by Bree's scheme
Security Technician Number Two – Another guard lured away from the loft by Bree's scheme
Tom Molinari – Challenger to Kristine Ryan for the job of mayor of New York
Valeri Chu – News reporter who covers announcements from City Hall that shock viewers
White haired man – Senior federal agent in charge of the murder investigation
Woman in the computer room – Member of The Organization who supervises Roberto's visit

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