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Meet The Victims
In Murder Becomes Manhattan, TWO people are murdered. Here are their profiles. We've masked the identity of one victim so as not to present a spoiler.

Victim One Victim One – Caitlyn Drysdale
Born and raised in Northern California, she is the daughter of Silicon Valley entrepreneur and failed senatorial candidate, Corbin Drysdale. She has a brother, Griff, in North Carolina and a twin sister, Cullen, who is also living in New York at the time of Caitlyn's murder.

After attending Barnard and then the University of London, Caitlyn moved to Manhattan and became a charity event organizer with much success. However, she had sought counseling recently from a canon at her church for issues she found troubling. Her murder stunned everyone who knew her for she was beloved by all ... or so it seemed.

Victim TwoVictim Two
The second victim in the book is not as beloved as Caitlyn Drysdale, someone this second victim knows quite well. That said, Victim Two is more of an accidental victim than Caitlyn, being in a very wrong place at the very worst time.

This person' story demonstrates the importance of being careful where you go, especially when you are not entirely sure who it is that has invited you there.

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