Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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The winningest coach in all of college football is stabbed to death in his estate in Coral Gables. People assume someone on the coach’s long list of enemies is responsible for the murder. But a telltale calling card left on his corpse reveals a far more sinister truth: he was slain by an intimate who was secretly connected to a cult planning a horrific event in South Florida.

What form of terror is The Organization concocting? And just how did the coach interfere with the group's plans? Once again, authorities ask Dalton Lee and his team to help them solve those riddles before The Organization can launch its wave of treachery.

From the colorful Art Deco hotels of South Beach, to the vibrant street life of Little Havana, to the mysterious gardens of the Vizcaya Museum, Murder Becomes Miami is a chilling, haunted-house ride that keeps readers guessing to the very end who among the viper's nest of suspects is the murderer in hiding. Unfortunately, it's right when Lee and his team pinpoint the serpent that the cult's hideous plot begins to unfold.

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